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eco-leather products leather logo requirements and regulations

flat foot. Shoes with uppers made of natural leather, with good moisture absorption, although not fully achieve the ventilation effect, but under the same conditions is superior to other materials. Therefore, experts call for rethinking shoes for the feet as well as the effects of whole body health, child advocates, students often wear comfortable, comfortable shoes. What is a "leather logo" leather logo "is the China leather industry association, in 1994, the State administration for industry and commerce registration of certification marks, and in Germany   vibram five fingers and other 14 countries of the international registration, the international registration number 705857。 It is a
sign of high-grade natural leather, fur and related products. "Leather logo" prove to consumers and users that the following three points: (1) this product is a natural top layer of leather or fur, or its products, (2) this

product is a high quality, high-end products, (3) the product enjoys a good after-sales service. This Trinity of three conditions are indispensable. Therefore, not all natural suede leather, fur or leather products made with its are eligible to use "leather logo". "Eco-leather leather logo" means any right to use the certification mark "leather logo" the General term for a variety of finished leather. This type of leather in addition to complying with current national or industry  nike blazer mid standards, and meet the standard of eco-leather products leather logo requirements and regulations, gives prominence to leather may exist related to the ecological environment in four specific chemicals limited provisions. "Leather logo" is a certification mark for the leather, fur and related products. Among them, the products including shoes, shoes, leather (fur), clothing, suitcases, purses, leather goods and

other products. Signs of genuine leather shoes, leather products, called "leather logo shoes", "leather logo leather garments", etc; for leather and fur, as highlighted in leather with four special chemical indicators of the ecological environment, so as to meet the requirements of hides or skins called "eco-leather leather logo", "ecological fur leather logo".How to make men's leather shoes to match? Wearing men's shoes what taboo?prevent feet in shoes within around swing reduced sprained; II to has foot Gong Chengtuo bit of insoles, to soothing foot bow fatigue, reduce shank strained; three is according to different width for select, prevent forefoot had pine had tight, makes foot Department more comfortable. Canvas thick-soled shoes to match the girls did not know the platform shoes 4 thick big platform shoes canvas shoes with the girls did not know at the end of the