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Regular users each month must be wiped with shoe Polish

[Lehr] State is wiped. And be sure to clean after the shoe, because moisture can damage the shoes. ★ Artificial leather is basically the same, but can be washed (such as water-soaked cloth), but direct flush. Polish used to use shoe Polish aim is protect the leather from drying caused by aging. While those who experienced the lack of proposals to use shoes only 1-2 months after oil. This absurd, it will lose the purpose of using shoe Polish, leather has also been damaged.  nike air max classic bw Use the sneakers after the cleaning, gently playing on a layer of Polish to the upper. Use shoe Polish colors according to the shoe color, light colored sneakers with white shoe Polish, dark sneakers with black shoe Polish. Shoe cleaning has finished, please place in a cool place, avoiding direct sunlight and on some cloth or paper to absorb water and moisture in the shoe. ★ Shoe maintenance mode boot

protection 3 major points: heels, uppers and outer soles, 3Focused on the maintenance part of the angle. The heel is the lifeblood of the entire pair of sneakers, and if damaged, ball kicking and ball, players move a very large lethal, even shoes that have good performance is no good. When once the heel is gone bad, this shoe is dead. Must protect the heel from the usual shoe- nike air max 90 wearing habits of attention. Vamp is the key part can make a good shot, because this direct contact with the ball, quite a Wallop and flexibility must be maintained. Don't use boots normally, regardless of where the Department with no problem, focusing on the law. If no shoe is long, place the shoes on its side or upside down, and carpeted the upper cloth to prevent dust, and once on the half year with shoe Polish. Regular users each month must be wiped with shoe Polish. Sole principal in order to maintain

 grip in the stadium, and Spike's life. According to the different types have different methods for outsoles, SG because wraps nails, soles more important than other types of shoes. FG HG soles, according to personal use, and tacks at different locations have varying degrees of wear and tear. In land use and outdoor shoes are strictly prohibited. Basically, the shoe replacement rate is very high, to be replaced once a year on average sneaker. Before I boot sponsors (ADI) supply, and therefore do not need regular cleaning. But being a player, this is a common sense, so to speak, whether shoes are free of charge, or they buy, wearing his familiar fighting put their shoes are the most important. How to clean soccer shoes, maybe a lot of people have never thought before, are playing back throw, the next time you play dirty, then clean the Bob. Until you have worn less than 3Years after heel